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Industrial Tour

Industrial visits give excellent opportunities and platforms for students to experience a practical work environment that help in bridging the gap between lectures, presentations in classroom and actual work conditions. ISU helps students pursuing higher education as well as endeavours to provide them with contemporary practical experiences so that they can be resilient and competent for the workplaces where they are going to be engaged in the future. In this regard industrial tours, organized by ISU, inculcate the practical workplace environment to the students and render a holistic education to them. Furthermore, industrial tours provide students an excellent opportunity to gain full awareness about industrial practices. These tours are organised by the respective officials of the departments. We encourage every student to interact and learn from experts in the industry. As a result, our students’ job prospects are improved. Furthermore, industrial tours help students explore the other end of the horizon. To know more regarding industrial tours by ISU, please get in touch with the respective Department Head or Coordinator.

Forthcoming Industrial Tour

Visited Organizations / Factories